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The flowers of tenderness

The flowers of tenderness

The flowers of tenderness

For the grandmothers’ day, the Floral Trends devote tenderness. A collection presented exclusively on the Interflora.fr website. It is signed by our greatest creative florists. These pink and white tones evoke a somewhat old-fashioned and romantic imagination. The opportunity to return to these shapes, flowers and colors that offer us the opportunity to say … with tenderness!
Artiflora floral trends

The peony, tender and generous
Venerated in China, the peony does not leave Westerners indifferent. These even place it in second position of the most popular flowers after the rose. Generous in its flowering, the peony expresses abundance and serenity. It is a pledge of protection that is easily offered for Mother’s Day. Tradition has it that the bridegroom offers a peony to her betrothed before marriage to reassure her of the sincerity of her love.

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Pink rose

The rose, delicate and naughty
In her eponymous dress, the rose sublimates the image of feminine beauty and seduction. Offer a bouquet of pink roses, it is to boast the charms of your recipient with delicacy. In its light and pastel hue, it expresses the tenderness and the joy of loving. More lively or sustained tones can accompany your bouquet with a more naughty message. In the nineteenth century, the pink rose was associated with “blushing virgins”.
Availability in bouquet: all the year.

Artiflora Trends

Pink and white
In the language of flowers, the pink color represents youth and innocence with a delicate feminine a priori. White, on the other hand, is the pageantry of great ceremonies. More solemn, it imposes respect and promises fidelity. It is therefore the clever blend of pink and white that is traditionally associated with tenderness, this feeling imbued with strength while being devoid of hardness. A bouquet of pink and white flowers is usually offered to a woman, regardless of her age.

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Lavender blue comes into play
Although blue flowers are usually associated with poetry and travel, it is a plant with blue flowers that traditionally symbolizes tenderness. Lavender, whose essence attracts joy, harmony and peace, is the messenger of tender confessions, gentleness and attachment. In the past, couples offered it as a bouquet, because lavender had the power to restore happiness and sincerity in conjugal relationships.
Availability in the garden: from June to August.

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Floral trends

The tenderness of a man
This is the title of a song that the French star Sheila addressed in 1982 to the attention of the male! Because men, too, like to receive flowers and messages of tenderness. Avoid of course round bouquets and pink flowers, which certainly lack virility. In general, men appreciate floral creations in white predominant height. The style must be modern and uncluttered. Prefer quilted flower arrangements or bouquets delivered with a vase.

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