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Ce bouquet comprend:

  • 24 Roses grenats
  • Feuille eucalyptus
  • Gypsophyle
  • Emballage

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Flower delivery service madagascar : Order from the best florist madagascar


Like you, we like fast, trouble-free deliveries. That’s why we worked hard to imagine the most optimal service possible, to transport your parcels as soon as possible and taking care of most of the shipping costs. Here should satisfy everyone!


Here’s what to meet your expectations: we deliver throughout Madagascar from Monday to Saturday, excluding the difficult areas !

Orders possible 15 days in advance and until 16:45 the day before the day of delivery.
In all Madagascar, delivery from Monday to Saturday on a fixed time slot from 8h – 13h.

Flower delivery service madagascar : Order your bouquets today


You want to send a bouquet to your mother in Lyon before she goes to work? Or wish a nice holiday to your wife right out of the train? To achieve this, we moved heaven and earth to allow you to choose the delivery niche of your choice, in 80% of the municipalities of Ile de France and the majority of cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants.

Delivery possible by appointment from Monday to Saturday between 10h and 17h, during a slot of 4h.

Order rose bouquets from the best florist madagascar


A sudden urge to please, excuses that can not wait, a tight schedule or a last-minute order ?

Our couriers deliver you from Monday to Saturday, on slots of 4 hours in Antananarivo and 6 hours in small surroundings.

* Note that an additional one hour is required for larger plants.
Schedule your delivery from 15 days to 4 hours before the start of the desired time slot.
In Antananarivo Madagascar, delivery from Monday to Saturday between 11h and 17h.
In the neighboring cities of Madagascar, delivery Monday to Saturday between 11h and 17h.

Find Florist Madagascar at the best rate

The protection of your precious package is essential! For this reason, we spent many hours imagining, testing, rethinking and finally patenting custom-made packaging.

• They have been studied to preserve your purchases from shocks, rain, or heat.

• If they have to travel a few hours, your bouquets are hydrated throughout their delivery thanks to a reserve of water supplemented with a nutritive solution.
Result? 99.8% of our bouquets arrive in the same condition as at the exit of our workshop!

Artiflora-madagascar.com : Flower delivery service madagascar


Book at the earliest your flower bouquets at the best Flower delivery service madagascar

02 – Delivery Details

Our service providers undertake to respect the delivery time slots validated during your order. Their tours are conscientiously organized in an optimized way to deliver in record time. They can therefore be present at the beginning as well as at the end of a niche, without the possibility to restrict the latter, or to deliver at an exact time. We can not interfere in their organization either, otherwise there will be delays.

03 – Shipping and transport conditions of flower delivery service madagascar
Bikes, scooters, motorcycles, cars … Our drivers adapt their vehicles to ensure a fast and trouble-free delivery. Artiflora Madagascar : the most reliable florist madagascar.

04 – Delivery zone

We come to you wherever you are! We offer Flower delivery service madagascar everywhere accross the country, with the exception of the difficult access areas we cannot access.


01 – Returns Management
For Antananarivo and the small surroundings :
In case of absence of the recipient, the deliveryman will follow the instructions given during the order (deposit in no door, delivery to a guard or to a neighbor), as far as possible. If the shipper has chosen a Flower delivery service madagascar by hand, the parcel will return to our workshop where it will be available for a withdrawal or a new delivery. Any reshipment will be charged 5 Euros more. Contact Artiflora-madagascar.com : the best florist madagascar today !

For the rest of Madagascar :

The recipient of a parcel has until midnight the day before the delivery to transmit instructions to the courrier service. In case of absence or impossibility of delivery, the order will either be re-delivered the next morning.

02 – Delays and unforeseen

Call the most reliable florist madagascar today for a quick Flower delivery service madagascar

In case of late delivery, do not hesitate to contact our customer service who will do everything possible to help you. The unexpected is unfortunately not yet under our control but rest assured that our couriers are struggling to deliver on time. You deal with the most reliable florist madagascar.

03 – Damaged Packing

Despite all the precautions taken when packing your order, we are not immune to an incident. If your package is damaged or non-compliant upon receipt, take your order number, take a picture of the damaged product and contact as soon as possible our customer service who will find the best solution.


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