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How to order flowers online ?

How to order flowers online ?

Flowers have always been important to us because they accompany us in all stages of our life: birth, birthday, marriage, bereavement, etc.

In addition, bouquets of flowers are increasingly available thanks to the many e-commerce sites that sell flowers and deliver them in no time, without us having to move.

Indeed, today just select a bouquet, pay online and voila.

However, this charming attention can quickly turn into a nightmare because of a small inattention. Discover the 7 mistakes to avoid when you place your order on the internet for the delivery of flowers.

1. Do not verify the identity of the website
When you find a flower sale website, the first thing you need to do before sharing your personal information, especially if the e-commerce site is not known, is to verify your identity. Indeed, you should not trust any website, you must make sure that the seller is a professional, otherwise you will fall into his trap and you will have no right of withdrawal.

First, check the spelling and presentation of the website, these two points say a lot about the seller.

Then take a look at the information given by the seller about his website and read the terms and conditions as well as the legal notice, it is very important because if they do not appear, you will know that the site is illegal. Be aware that the company name, a physical address and a phone number must be included.

Also find out about the withdrawal period and check out some customer reviews on the website itself and on forums to get a sense of the quality of service that the seller offers. Also, you can contact the customer service of the website by e-mail asking a general or specific question to get an idea of ​​the reactivity and seriousness of the seller.

Finally, opt for online flower dealers in the European Union and more specifically in France, at the risk of having to pay customs duties and VAT.

By verifying the identity of the website, you are not likely to steal sensitive data, especially those related to your bank account.

2. Send the wrong message
Once the website is verified successfully, you can select the bouquet of your choice. However, do not throw yourself on any bouquet, each flower has a special meaning so choose those that will convey the right message to delivery.

Some websites have a blog, you will find various articles dealing with the symbol of each flower, take a look at it because it will help you make the right choice and you will avoid “delivering” the wrong message.

3. Do not check the description of the bouquet
When you select your bouquet, do not just see the picture, read also the description of the product, it will allow you to know exactly which flowers are in the composition of the bouquet, their number, but also if some details in the picture are included or not in the order, like a vase for example. Do not forget to check also the type of packaging of the bouquet, it is an important detail because it underlines the beauty of the flowers.

4. Buy a bouquet that does not look like the picture
The only drawback of flower shops sold online is the fact that it is impossible to see what you actually buy. On the website, the photo of the bouquet could seduce you but still it is necessary to make sure that the seller guarantees a bouquet according to the photo, that is to say a bouquet delivered with flowers as fresh and as beautiful as on the image of the website.

To avoid disappointment, consider checking customer reviews for example. You can also see if the site informs you about the time to prepare bouquets! Indeed if the bouquets are prepared quickly before sending, your bouquet will have a better chance of arriving fresh at your recipient!

5. Deliver flowers in the wrong place or at the wrong time
Order a beautiful bouquet that will not be delivered on time or in the right place is useless because of this the attention loses all its charm and the effect of surprise disappears.

For this, always check the personal data and the delivery address. You must also make sure that the person will be present at the place and at the time of delivery, but also that the promises of the website as to the success of the delivery will be held because sometimes some orders never arrive. The website of your choice must absolutely respect the delivery period announced.

In addition, check the delivery costs because their price can sometimes be exorbitant. In addition, always keep an eye on the delivery tracking

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